Freezing my eis off

the making of
Mongrel Brewing Company’s
High Voltage Bock and Roll

High Voltage Bock and Roll

One of the many great perks about living in Iowa is the ability to do your eis bock au naturel. I pulled it from my fridge around 1:30am this morning, scared the droppings out of the handful of deer nosing for grass in my yard and plopped my bock in the snow. I’ve checked it every hour or two since, and stumbled upon the above portrait. You can have your Tequila Sunrise; I’ll take my Beer Lover’s Sunrise any day of the week. I knew I should share it with you. Ain’t it pretty?


6 Responses to Freezing my eis off

  1. Nice pic!

    So are you filtering out the ice crystals?

  2. diginux says:

    Where area of Iowa do you reside?

  3. Wilson says:

    Adam-racked from one keg to another, leaving the ice behind.

    diginux-SW, near Prescott, population 261ish

  4. popthecap says:

    They (heart) carbs in Iowa, too, eh?!? That’s fun to see.

  5. Ted Miller says:

    Love the culture cross of brewing and rock and roll. It seems to me that you are truely having fun making beer, very adventurous, and getting up at 1:30 to set your beer out, that is dedication. Brew on man, brew on!

  6. […] with great expectations, I took a keg of my For Those About To Bock outside on a cold February night. The plan was to eis half of this ten gallon batch in a snow bank. Every so often, I’d check […]

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