Not exactly long, lost…

….but I haven’t seen this cousin in an awful long time. In my mind, he might be in junior high, but in reality, he’s got a bus load of kids and I’ve only just met his wife.

I guess I’ve been away for awhile. In any case, it’s good to see a cousin (or anyone, for that matter) turn out to be a beer lover. Michelle and I met Matt and Mandie for lunch and beers at Rock Bottom in Des Moines. They had a stout on cask, something that would have sanded off the rough edges of even a bad day. But it was a good day catching up with family. So the cask just gave us a soft glow of brewvana.


2 Responses to Not exactly long, lost…

  1. I sure do agree with you on your opinion of cask conditioned ale. Sierra Nevada does one every other Thursday, or so, and I always try to make it. Last week they had Bigfoot on. One cask – you snooze, you loose!

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