Three Blind Macros

Three Blind MacrosA couple of week’s ago, Kyle, Jimmy and I sat down with three cans of beer, nine cups and a pen.

We labeled the bottoms of the cups to reflect what would be inside: Bud Light, Coors Light and Miller Lite. Then we numbered the cups, poured and tasted. Blind tastings are fun and sneaky, and I’d always thought it would be interesting to sit down with three macros and compare and contrast the beers.

I took notes and found many of the same words describing the three beers: grainy, corny, crisp, thin and sulphur. However, they were clearly three different beers. One had a more prominent aroma, one had a more pronounced flavor, and the third was clearly the least engaging, trounced by sulphurs that I couldn’t enjoy.

As we sat down, I wanted to choose my favorite of the three, and also see if I could pick which was which. I expected that I would prefer the Miller Lite, as I always thought that Miller Genuine Draft had more flavor than most macros. Kyle sat down the newly converted craft beer lover who will always maintain a soft spot in his heart for Coors Light.

Of the three, I accurately guessed the Bud Light glass–it was the sulphury one which I did not care for. I ranked it Number 3. I liked the aroma of Miller Lite best, but chose Coors Light as my overall favorite to drink on a hot day after cutting the grass. Its flavor seemed a little more rounded, something that surprised me. I thought I remembered that flavor from years ago as well as I thought I could remember, gauge and guess Bud Light’s.

Even more interesting, Coors Light came in last on Kyle’s drinkability list. Poor guy.

Lotsa revealing fun. Give it a try.


2 Responses to Three Blind Macros

  1. I have been thinking of the same idea. The way some people will “only drink Bud Light” has me wondering – are the light macros really that different? The Brew Site is also undertaking a macro taste test. Now I can’t wait to do my own version. Mental note: go to beer store in disguise and pick some “beer”.

  2. […] It was actually somewhat creamy and enjoyable in a guilty pleasure sort of way. Way better than the Bud Light, Miller Light and Coors Light I sampled blind last year on a Let’s Drink and Analyze Crap Beer […]

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