Ingersoll Wine Merchants

I recently stopped in at Ingersoll Wine Merchants, located in West Des Moines. Easy to get to, just off I-235 on 50th Street, it’s affiliated with Ingersoll Wine and Spirits, which is on Ingersoll Avenue in Des Moines.

Ingersoll Wine Merchants

Operating with an emphasis on niche wines, this location is smaller, with a warmer shopping atmosphere. But they do have a respectable beer selection, around 200 I’d wager, both warm in the aisles and cold in coolers against the back walls. They’ve got local and regional beers represented, but also have a wide range of countries and styles.

On my second visit I had Flanders red in mind, as I recalled getting it here last time, and that’s something that hasn’t been easy for me to find in Iowa. Much to my dismay, Monk’s Cafe Flemish Sour Ale was nowhere in sight. I asked the kindly fellow working if there were any chance of more lying hidden from my eyesight. The first guy had no luck, but he recruited the help of another worker, who did indeed come up with two bottles in back. Both gentlemen were very friendly and helpful.

The other Ingersoll has a broader selection, but if you’re in the neighborhood, there’s plenty of good beer to be found here as well. And the folks working here have treated me well on both of my visits. That’s always a bonus and I like giving my cash to nice folks.


Ingersoll logo

1300 50th Street

West Des Moines, IA 50266

Wanna check ’em out? Here’s a map.


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