Illuminating Roundup–The Session #11

The SessionIt was an illuminating day, indeed, thanks to the many beery bloggers that have involved themselves in this lovely little project known as The Session. This month, we’ve discussed doppelbocks, a glorious liquid bread that’s none too ubiquitous in the grocery store aisles.

I chose this beer because it’s one I love, but due to scarcity, I was concerned that we’d have 19 posts on Celebrator. Fortunately, the Sessionists came through with a respectable variety to talk about. It’s hard work being a serious beer drinker, but someone has to do it. We’re here to illuminate the world. A Mighty big thanks to everyone who chimed in on this month’s topic.

This Month’s Contributions:

Of course, my entry on Spaten Optimator can be found here.

David at Musings Over a Pint gives us a little history as he talks about Flying Dog’s Collaborator.

Eli at The Four-Eyed Beer Geek brings a Pennsylvania perspective on the style with Troegenator Double Bock.

Heath at Bottles of Barley hits on his Marathon in Munich and a bottle of Paulaner Salvator, the originator, so to speak.

Jason at The Brew Basement offers up his tasting notes on Samichlaus.

Shawn, The Beer Philosopher, directs us to his own pre-holiday post on Samichlaus.

Kieran at Beer from the Motherland overcomes his prejudices to touch on Hansa UR-Bock.

The Dude from Akelas Biggins gives us our first taste of Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock.

Lew Bryson from Seen Through a Glass walks us through his evolution to “getting” EKU-28.

Stan at Appellation Beer needs a translator at Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas as he tries out their “Double Bock”

Josh at Kegs and Kitchens does beer and pizza with doppels Salvator and Celebrator, as well as weizenbock Aventinus Schneider-Weisse.

Rick from Pacific Brew News contemplates a life with goats, one of which ought to be named Celebrator.

Jay at Brookston Beer Bulletin gives us of the German Big Three: Salvator, Celebrator and Optimator.

Stephen from That’s the Spirit and On the House proves that if at first you don’t succeed (Niagra Falls Eisbock [’95 and ’98]), try again (Kulmbacher Reichelbrau Eisbock)

Boak from Boak and Bailey gives a rundown of their doppelbock experiences over the last year: Alligator from Der Koenig von Flandern, Weltenberger Klosterbrau, Herrnbrau Operator and Left Hand’s Goosinator.

Keith at Brainard Brewing kicks in with Rock Art Holiday Bock 2007, Thomas Hooker Liberator, Celebrator, Doppel-Hirsch and Samichlaus.

Josh at features Flying Dog’s Collaborator in a bloody good sounding beer dinner.

Chris at Flying Dog News follows Josh with another mention of the Wild Dog Collaborator Doppelbock.

Gray Hunter from Bottled Llama tosses out another bottle of Optimator.

Al at Hop Talk scrambles for a bottle of Celebrator.

Dave from Hair of the Dog Dave revisits both The Session and The Muse with a bottle of Celebrator.

Alan at A Good Beer Blog throws a two-fer from Wagner Valley Brewing Company (Sled Dog Trippelbock and Sled Dog Doppelbock), as well as St. Victorious.

Jim, the Boston Beer Man, takes a stroll down memory lane with Celebrator.

William from What’s on Tap settles for Salvator here and here.

Abel Pharmboy from Terra Sigillata speaks up for Flying Dog’s Collaborator.

Ted at Barley Vine give Collaborator a go, thanks to a trip to Denver.

Captain Hops, over at Beer Haiku Daily, graces us with 3 poems on 2 beers, Troegenator and Celebrator.

Rick from Lyke 2 Drink gives us one last bottle of Celebrator.

JHumphries at Hump’s Brewing threw down a Doppelbock Deathmatch with Celebrator winning out over Salvator, Optimator, Tucher Bajuvator and Weihenstephaner Korbinian.

Jon at The Brew Site pulls out yet another bottle of Flying Dog’s Collaborator.

Craig from Beers, Beers, Beers chimed in with a late entry, reviewing Algauer Cambonator.

Greg “Procrastinator” Clow at Beer Beats Bites gives us a rundown of a few of his Doppelbock experiences.

Whew! I’m exhausted. My rough count says there were about 11 folks chewing on Celebrators, confirming my suspicion that there’d be multiple takes on that beer, which wasn’t exactly a bad thing. There were other multiple-post beers like Salvator, Optimator, Samichlaus, Troegenator and Collaborator. Of those, I’ve had all but Flying Dog’s Collaborator, and I can’t wait to try it. But thanks to the wide range of locations of our participants, there’s a lot more doppelbocks I have added to my to-do list.

Again, thanks for participating. I found it to be illuminating in more than one way: lotsa great reviews, lotsa great history and lotsa good stories. I don’t know about you, but I’m thirsty.

Cheers, all!


If I missed your piece, I apologize. Shoot me an email and I’ll rectify that oversight. If you’re a straggler, I’ll append you to this post this evening or tomorrow.

9 Responses to Illuminating Roundup–The Session #11

  1. Jon says:

    Yep, ya missed me:

    No worries though. That’s what comment forms are for. 😉

  2. Wilson says:

    Sorry about that. And you were one of the first I read.

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  4. Greg Clow says:

    You didn’t miss it. I was just late this month. D’oh.

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