Even the losers get lucky sometimes

Down on the farm with Foret

Even though I’ve said that I’m a loser of a beerknurd, that’s not exactly the case. Sometimes I’m a winner. This week, Alan, over at A Good Beer Blog, posted the results of his now annual beer photography contest.

While I didn’t score the honor of Global Grand Prize Winner, I got a nod for Best Picture of a Saison and a Field.

As Rod Stewart would say, “Every picture tells a story.” This picture of Foret and the field across the road from my circa 1900 farmhouse first appeared on brewvana back in October in a Thirsty Thursday post called “farmhouse musings.” That beer, that field, the noodles I made that week and that photo make me think of my Grandma Wilson.

I wasn’t trying to be all sentimental, but when you talk about food and your granny, sometimes it comes off that way. A week or two later, I got an email from my cousin. Turns out she hadn’t expected sweet stuff on the beer blog I had told her about. Beer blogs aren’t supposed to make you cry, are they?

I guess it depends on the picture, the post and the person doing the reading. In any case, if that picture was only worth 999 words when I took it, just trying to get a cool, farm-ish backdrop for a farmhouse ale, it was worth a thousand once I received Kelly’s email.

And now that Alan chose to recognize that photo, it’s worth a thousand and one.


*I’d recommend checking out all the photos on Alan’s blog; there are a lot of really good ones. Just click the link above.

*If you entered (or if you didn’t) and have a beer photo with a story (but not your own blog to tell it) send it my way, and I’ll be happy to post it for everyone else to enjoy.



2 Responses to Even the losers get lucky sometimes

  1. Boak says:

    Congrats – it’s a really nice photo. Looks quite a lot like rural Essex…

  2. […] that have accompanied me in this past year of my reign as photographer with the best ability to capture a saison and a field, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the possibility of a repeat win of some sort in Alan’s […]

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