Beer Crazy in Des Moines

Beer Crazy LogoAs if I’m not something near beer crazy day in and day out in the comfort of my own home, I had the opportunity over the weekend to go Beer Crazy in Des Moines.

Beer Crazy is a new homebrew shop/beer store in Des Moines, Iowa. Around a month after opening, they’ve got a good selection of beer on the shelves, as well as a well-stocked walk-in cooler. They have a solid array of homebrewing supplies, and Mark was both friendly and helpful.

The latter two are reasons enough to give this place my business, as I didn’t find the other Des Moines option for a homebrew shop any too inspiring.

But that’s not to say that I’d fork over my cash to any old place. I genuinely enjoyed talking beer with Mark. He was very helpful, and his store had what I needed. New on the scene, his only high gravity beers at present are the Chimay lineup. In time, he hopes to bring in a better assortment on that front, but for now, Iowa’s goofy beer laws have his selection a little restrained on the bigger beers. No matter. There are many other great beers to choose from.

Easily accessible and with plenty of parking, I’d strongly encourage everyone to support this location, for both beer and (especially) homebrewing needs.


Wanna check ’em out? Here’s the info:

Beer Crazy (map on their homepage, just click the above link)

3908 NW Urbandale Drive/100th Street

Urbandale, Iowa 50322


4 Responses to Beer Crazy in Des Moines

  1. Lamont says:

    This store in my book is the only option available. Mark is great, and the selection is outstanding. I live in Perry and be able to go to Beer Crazy saves me a bundle on shipping. As a side note after being to that other place in Valley Junction and here, I will come here any day. Great place Great Stuff and Great People.

  2. Adam says:

    I checked out this place over the weekend and was definitely impressed. He was very helpful and friendly. Had a decent selection of homebrew equipment as well.

  3. Adel Man says:

    Up until recently i have been ordering my stuff online from MN. The shop in Valley Junction has good supplies, but the man running the shop needs a lesson in how to treat customers. He is rude and not interested in the craft of making beer. Also, he charged me over $50 for a porter partial grain kit to find out the same kit sold for just over $30 on his website. Enough Griping.

    Mark at beer crazy is just as cheap as the online store that I had been buying from. He was extremely helpful and actually talked to me about my hobby. He has my business going forward.

  4. steve says:

    I found this place by accident while I was in Urbandale with my wife looking for a place to rent. We are moving to the area and I was ecstatic to find a homebrew shop so near. I went in and talked to Mark and, like everyone else has said, I was impressed by his helpfulness and positive attitude. I look forward to becoming a regular patron of this shop.

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