Thirsty Thursday–Millstream Schokolade Bock

Millstream BockI was but a few days early to try the seasonal bock when I visited Millstream Brewing Company a few weeks back. No worries. They had several other fine beers to enjoy.

Now, Schokolade Bock has appeared, and the patience we have here in brewvana is a really good quality. If only I could apply this trait to traffic situations when I have morons in my midst. Yes, I have road rage sometimes.

The beer was tasty, and bock-alicious and has me chomping at the bit for my next brew session. I’m planning on a big traditional bock, half of which I’ll eis. This beer was good, and a little perplexing for me. The first aroma threw me off, and when I tasted it, I sorted it out right away: root beer. This tasted like root beer bock.

I know this because after the first time my boys and I kegged a batch of root beer, I did not change the o-rings. The stout which followed was a very cool root beer stout. Not what I planned, but something I could enjoy and smile at. Makes me wonder if this beer followed a batch of Millstream Root Beer, without switching the gaskets. No matter. It tastes good.


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