“Sentiment without action…

….is the ruin of the soul.”

–Edward Abbey

Edward AbbeyI don’t know about you, but I’ve got stuff to celebrate tonight. After years of plotting and planning and ruminating, the words of Edward Abbey burst forth. The time to act has appeared, and everything’s falling into place.

My soul’s being rescued by Electric Burrito, a Mexican eatery that’s coming down the pipe in a few short months. The offer I put in on a property was accepted today, and the papers I sign get more and more important.

After many years of helping other people realize their dreams in one form or another, I’m going to work for myself, and pushing my own dreams into reality. Today’s a very good day, which, this evening, tastes great too, thanks to a glass of Bell’s Double Cream Stout–and the handful of chocolate chips I’ve snitched from my boys, who are getting started on a batch of cookies. I really should go help.



4 Responses to “Sentiment without action…

  1. Boak says:

    Good luck with it. What beers will you serve with Mexican food?

  2. Jonathan says:

    Congratulations! I trust your beer selection will rival that of even the best Mexican eateries.

  3. Wilson says:

    Yes, yes, beers. Well, the fact is I live in a small town in rural Iowa, so it wouldn’t be wise to open a place with 100 taps on the wall. That would turn out to be an expensive cellaring experiment. At this point I’m determined to have 4 taps with the likes of a wit, ESB, porter and something seasonal rotating. I have a few breweries in mind, but am still pondering specifics. Also as many bottles as I feel like I can move as I work to build the beer culture here. There is potential. I know of several homebrewers besides myself (and my bro-in-law will be starting as soon as he opens his Christmas presents) + plus winemakers. There is a good little vibe and some curious people around, so it will work out. No Bud, et al, but I will have a few Mexican beer options.

  4. Wilson says:

    Oops! Did I not mention an American Pale or IPA? That’s fairly requisite, I’d say. Nevermind the ESB on tap.

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