Thirsty Thursday–La Folie

La Folie

Thanksgiving is a day for a special meal. And for the beer enthusiast, probably a special beer. Deep in the recesses of my refrigerator, I have a stash of three La Folies, sought under harrowing circumstances by my great-aunt Suz (she’s also wonderful and fabulous).

I’ve been sitting on them for two months, waiting for a special enough occasion. Today’s the day. Up and at ’em early in the kitchen, working up a turkey with all the trimmings, this is our nightcap (Duck-Rabbit Wee Heavy went down great with the turkey).

This is my second La Folie experience. Last year wowed me. This year, I know what to expect, and this lovely beast, burnt orange and intensely sour, meets my expectations without question.

It seems to me that we shouldn’t be worried about the hop harvest. We’ve got stunt beers that take other directions. I reckon they’re expensive for their own reasons, but they keep us amazed and restrained just the same for their intensity, their expense and their rarity.

Seek this one out. It’s on my all-time top-five list. It’s worth every penny and something to be thankful for.


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