Move over beer


Turkey brining in the beer fridge.

Move over beer. Thanksgiving approaches. I need room to brine my turkey.

Thanksgiving is, perhaps, my favorite holiday. It’s about being thankful–we don’t do nearly well enough at this day in and day out. It’s not about gifts–for anyone. It’s not about Hallmark. It’s not about a bouquet of flowers. You won’t get in trouble because you won’t forget. It’s a group thing that’s planned and anticipated.

It’s about food and families, two of my favorites. Traditions, flavors, a buzzing kitchen and terrific aromas. A day centered around one, big meal. For us, there’ll undoubtedly be a special beer or three involved.

And then…leftovers!

Travel safely.


4 Responses to Move over beer

  1. P-Diddy says:

    I’m curious to know what you put in your brine solution??? I used kosher salt, dark brown sugar, pepper corns and bay leaves. Let it sit for 7+ hours and grease it down with olive oil, paprika and S-n-P.

  2. Wilson says:

    Just salt and sugar. Low on kosher, I used half as much regular table salt instead. Rinsed, dried and then rubbed it down with melted butter, thyme black pepper and sage. I’m pretty sure it brined a good 48 hours.

  3. P-Diddy says:

    I brined the bird for about 8hours. Rinsed, dried and oiled it down olive oil along with paprika and salt and pepper. Then cooked it in metal trash can for 75~ minutes. Best turkey I’ve ever had!!! You should try the trash can turkey. I’ll send to you some pics.


  4. Wilson says:

    So what’s the whole story on this trash can method? Did you do this outside? Seems like you said something about it being like a Dutch oven scenario. Details, please…

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