Thirsty Thursday–Jimmy’s first batch!

Jimmy’s Imperial Porter

There’s nothing quite like your first batch of homebrew. Jimmy was very much the proud papa tonight. And so am I. We sampled his first batch–an imperial porter (sucker jumped right in with something big, didn’t he?). Much anticipated by everyone, we met at Kyle’s place for this tasty brew.

The verdict? Good stuff. Big roast, full body and plenty of hop character. Jimmy even took creative license with his very first beer by tossing in a vanilla bean. With such a big, flavorful brew on the line, I must admit, the vanilla character didn’t come through. No worries. That’s better than something like that getting over the top. Add more next time.

And there will be a next time. Brew #2 is already fermenting and #3 is in the mail.

Like I said: Good stuff. Congrats, Jimmy! Here’s to you, the best brewer inside the Prescott City Limits.

Cheers, bro!


2 Responses to Thirsty Thursday–Jimmy’s first batch!

  1. Brewess99 says:

    So, I hope plans are in the works to enter your beer in the THIRSTY contest.

    This is a brewer with No Fear. You rock Jimmy!

  2. Jimmy says:

    I have waited along time to do this, its a good thing a had a champ of a homebrewer to help me. Thank you very much j. Best brewer in city limits eh?? the only brewer in city limits!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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