Thirsty Thursday–Don de Dieu

Undoubtedly, one of my all-around favorite breweries is Chambly, Quebec’s Unibroue.

Don de DieuPartial to La Maudite, I love all their beers. It’s one of the few breweries that I’ll pause and have all their beers at a festival–even though I’ve tried them all. So tonight’s a bit of a treat–Don de Dieu.

My uncle brought this one a couple of months ago, but somehow we never popped it open. Since then, I’ve been looking forward to it, and trying to coordinate a Thursday for a few Unibroue-deficit comrades and my wife (also a Unibroue lover, she’d kill us if we drank it while she was not around) to all be available at the same time.

It took an ultimatum–I’m opening this beer on this day at this time with or without you. Michelle and Kyle joined me.

A strong Belgian pale ale, it poured a pale golden color with a striking white head. The spicy yeast character of this beer is one of the reasons I love this brewery. It’s difficult to fathom those that don’t care for beers under the influence of Belgium. For me, it’s like the difference between life before I discovered fresh garlic, avocados, and good coffee. Life is better after Unibroue.

This is one good Thursday: November 8, 2007 AU.


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