Black Friday gets better

Black Friday Beer FestivalStart making your plans.

This is a great, non-consumerist idea (though consuming beer is involved, and we need to support our brewers with frequent purchases) for Black Friday.

Rather than hitting Hell-Mart, and the malls on Friday, November 23, for the hectic kick-off of the holiday shopping season, I’ll be following the advice of Sean Wilson, of North Carolina’s Pop the Cap. He’s organizing the first (hopefully annual) Black Friday Beer Fest.

Don’t worry if you’re not in North Carolina to attend. I’m not, but I’ll be with them in spirit. I won’t be shopping that day (as if I ever did). Instead, I’ll be in brewvana drinking a few beers.

Schwarzbier seems appropriate.


Check Pop the Cap‘s website for emerging details.


4 Responses to Black Friday gets better

  1. popthecap says:

    I’m very happy with how this event is shaping up. brewvana/izzy…you’re coming, right?

    pig farming powerhouse states unite!

  2. Wilson says:

    Sorry, amigo. Too far away. I’ll be with you in spirit. I’ll drink something dark and tasty that day. Really, I think this a great idea, Sean. This should be a nationwide dealio.

  3. popthecap says:

    other wilson…

    Oh, I know it’s far. A nationwide dealio…not a bad idea! Wonder how to scale it.

    First I need to make sure that more than 18 people show up! 🙂

  4. […] this month, I talked about North Carolina’s Black Friday Beer Festival, organized by Sean “Pop the Cap” Wilson as a positive alternative to the dark […]

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