Thirsty Thursday–a stout cup of coffee

coffee beansLast week I received a shipment of beer from Glenn, one of my North Carolina comrades, so today, with Thanksgiving on the horizon, we’ll be giving thanks for a couple of brews from this bounty.

Thematically linked by the dark stuff I drink in the morning, these two dark pints I typically drink in the evening are both stouts, and both are brewed with coffee. I love both stout and coffee. I would be a salty talking sailor if these beer’s didn’t come through for me. I’ve been looking forward to giving each of them a go.

Beer Geek Breakfast, up close and personal

First up: Mikkeller’s Beer Geek Breakfast. A bold oatmeal stout weighing in at 7.5% abv, Beer Geek Breakfast was full-bodied with rich texture and flavor. Great roast and coffee wrapped around a fleshy oatmeal presence. The fact is, I’d drink this for breakfast, lunch and dinner, without discrimination.

Bell’s Java StoutSecond: Bell’s Java Stout. A winter seasonal also hitting 7.5% abv, Java Stout showcases a more prominent coffee aroma and flavor. I could get a job at Starbucks, throw in some ice cubes, a touch of milk and a dollop of whipped cream, and the average yuppie would love it. Take that same yuppie to a taproom and I’m concerned that they’d turn up their nose at the “darkness” of it. A true shame these people are.

Sometimes you try a beer with a reputation and are a little let down. Fortunately for me, this wasn’t the case with these two brews. Both incorporating the coffee element, they distinguished themselves as two distinct beers. Of the two, Bell’s Java Stout had the more one dimensional coffee character. It was wonderful, and case in point, as I bring up Starbucks, that dark beer is great for all seasons. We ice our coffee, afterall. Beer Geek Breakfast proved deeper and more nuanced, though stopping well short of Russian Imperial status.

Great beers, both. Check ’em out.


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