Sentimental Halloween Beer

Chimay BlueHalloween doesn’t seem like it should be considered a sentimental holiday. But this year is terrifying to think about for more reasons than the ghosts and goblins that will be running amok this evening.

For the last several years, tradition has dictated that we take our boys to our friends’ neighborhood for a night of good food and trick-or-treating. Of course, there’d always be a beer around: Avery’s Beast comes to mind as one of those well-planned Halloween beers. This year, Heather won’t be dressed as a chef, walking around with Paul’s head on a platter. I won’t be Clarence the Redneck Mechanic. Mia (will she be a witch again?), Evan and Jack will dump all their candy out to examine and trade and eat while our boys, Jake and Tom, wander aimlessly through the streets with half-assed costumes because they just don’t care. We haven’t even carved our pumpkins yet.

The only thing I know to do is to have a tribute beer. Tonight, it’s a bottle of Chimay Blue. Probably the first Belgian beer I ever tried, Pauly introduced me to this one years ago. I’ve reciprocated by introducing him to piles of stuff, but this is one beer that will always have a special place in my heart.

Be safe and have fun tonight. I’ll be sipping Chimay, hoisting it in honor of the Dezzuttos.



6 Responses to Sentimental Halloween Beer

  1. Happy Halloween! I feel like I should be brewing a tribute brew…hmmm too much going on with the kids to do that. Ah well.


  2. Bailey says:

    I used to find Chimay (all of it) undrinkable, but I’m becoming quite a fan. Isn’t there some theory that the big bottles taste better than the wee ones?

  3. Wilson says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever had one of the wee bottles.

  4. Wilson says:

    By way of an update, I did whip out Clarence, just to try to muster some enthusiasm. But we trick-or-treated in a much more mellow neighborhood and Michelle was on me not to accost people like in the past (“Gimme that Ring, Frodo!” and “Lemme see if I can milk that cow!”) Besides, I didn’t have Paul to egg me on.

    We did however, change someone’s street address from 606 to 666 using–what else–duct tape.

    Drank the Chimay way too cold and way too fast–dropped by Kyle and Jesse’s to share, but they were getting ready to eat. Best treats of the night? Throwing knives. Best ever in Raleigh? PBR.

  5. […] Trying to make it through another Halloween. As I detailed last year, this “holiday” is for us traditionally spent with our good friends Heather and Paul […]

  6. […] in that post or the following comments, Clarence popped up, and I later received an email from a curious reader asking for a picture. There wasn’t a […]

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