Care package from H2Os

Izzy and Glenn StoutsThoughtful people are good to have in your life. My North Carolina brewing buddy GlennH2Os is good to have in my life. Why? Because he’s thoughtful.

Not long ago, I received an email requesting my address and a few ideas of commercial beers that I can’t get in my market. Glenn was putting together a care package. Late this week, it arrived, and now I’m flush with several of his homebrews and a few nuggets like Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast and Bell’s Java Stout. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning as I unwrapped that box.

I’ve been working my way through, having thusfar tried Glenn’s gruit, Big Cascade (brewed with his fresh, homegrown Cascade hops), and two versions of milk stout (one–Izzy Stout–was my recipe and the other–Glenn Stout–was my recipe with some Glennesque tweaks, starting with a different yeast and I remember not what else).

Glenn’s Big Cascade

While I enjoyed trying the stouts side-by-side to note the differences, and found the gruit good and interesting, my homebrewed favorite so far has been the Big Cascade. Great aroma, flavor, mouthfeel. Just flippin’ tasty after tilling a plot of ground for next year’s garden.

Time after time for the next few days, I’ll be raising my pints to Glenn.


3 Responses to Care package from H2Os

  1. Glenn says:

    Aw..shucks 🙂

  2. Bailey says:

    Now that’s friendship. The best I’ve had recently was someone leaving a six pack of Kronenbourg Blanc after a party [vomits].

  3. popthecap says:

    Glenn gave me flowers once.

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