Izzy’s GABF results

The results are in, and Izzy lost.

The Beer Mapping Project posted the medal winners live (here), and with my refresh button finger a little sore, I came in something like 10th, if you wanted to count a couple of ties.

I really wish I’d have gotten ahold of my number one pick, Port Brewing and The Lost Abbey, but it wouldn’t have been enough, I’m afraid. I avoided point whoring with the likes of Miller and Pabst, and I didn’t pick Firestone Walker–the number one draft pick and big winner for the day.

However, I’m proud of my team. We’ve got great beers and nothing to be ashamed of. There were a lot of fantastic competitors out there. We just came up a little short.

Here’s my highlight reel:

SilverRussian River Brewing Company–Wood- and Barrel-aged Sour Beer: Silver

SilverRussian River Brewing Company–Belgian-style Sour Ale: Silver

SilverRussian River Brewing Company–American-Style IPA: Silver

BronzeStoudts Brewing Company–Vienna Style Lager: Bronze

SilverStoudts Brewing Company–South German Style Hefeweizen/Hefeweissbier: Silver

SilverNew Holland Brewing Company–Aged Beer (Ale or Lager): Silver

Congratulations to my picks, as well as all the other breweries that medaled.

Big Thanks to Beerinator (Jonathan Surratt) for his ridiculously hard and effective work on the whole project.

Congrats to Swordboarder for winning it all (and without a macro pick). Lesson of the day: brew hard and bet on yourself.

I just said the other day that Millstream’s John’s Generations White Ale was the best wit I had all summer, and it’s good to see that they took a silver with it.

And congrats to Jamie and the crew at Foothills for their two North Carolina medals.

I can tell I’m getting old. Sentimental. More caring. As the winners came in, I was perpetually happy for each brewery, as well as the other draughters. “Woo-Hoo! Go Troeg’s! You were snatched off my list, but glad to see you took one.” “Good job, Allagash!” “Yippee! Thunder Canyon!”

Lotsa fun. Brewvana even. Cheers!


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