GABF Fantasy League “Draught” wraps up

The ThinkerHosted by The Beer Mapping Project, the fun-and-games GABF Fantasy League draught reaches its conclusion today–only one pick remains.

It has been tooth-and-nail over the course of the last two weeks, with many of my priority breweries snatched up by other competitors. Some pickers dragged their feet. Real life intruded. Tempers flared. But the “it’s just beer” philosophy prevailed and the friendly cameraderie of beer folk remains intact.

My team looks good. There are only a few factors to influence who might come out victorious: math, science, art, sanitation, yeast management, style guidelines, judges’ internal subjectivities, palate fatigue, the alignment of the stars, barometric pressure and prayer, to name but a few.

After eight rounds of picking, here’s the team I draughted:

1. Russian River Brewing Company

2. The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery

3. New Holland Brewing Company

4. Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales

5. Flying Fish Brewing Company

6. Wynkoop Brewing Company

7. Stoudts Brewing Company

8. Prescott Brewing Company

The Great American Beer Festival runs from October 11-13, in Denver, Colorado. Winners will be posted to the GABF website, while the results of The Beer Mapping Project’s fantasy league can be found here.


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