Accidental Eis Bliss

And now, a report from one of my beer heroes, Ken Hilton. This dude is the best homebrewer I know. He’s talented, experienced and creative. But those traits are all for naught if you don’t know enough to take advantage of a “happy accident,” as Bob Ross would have called it. Here’s a recent accident, and if Ken says it was good, that means it was great. Enjoy!

Ken on a D-R ski tripIt’s a Sunday afternoon, watching football games on the tube….the first day of fall. But, it is 90 degrees in North Carolina, and a good beer is in order. Perusing through the stash in the closet above the washer and dryer, I find a real treat…one of my Best of Show American Brown ales. Thought I had drunk it all up over a year and a half ago. Unique recipe….brown malt (what’s that?? most brewers don’t even know what brown malt is anymore), and 30% rice (yeah…rice to give it a dry, crisp refreshing character), and loaded down with hops…the good stuff…American Yakima Magnum, Amarillo, Cascade.

Wow, I am salivating just remembering what this beer used to taste like. Okay, let’s chill it down…quick.


Crap!!!! I forgot the friggin’ beer. I open up the fridge, expecting to find an exploded bottle. To my surprise, I only find beer “oozing” out from around the cap. Hmmmm….ice beer. Gently, I uncap the bottle, not really knowing what to expect. Some carbonation release……a bit more oozing foam. Okay, what next???

Let’s see…any liquid? Started pouring frozen foam out of the bottle into a nice Ommegeddon glass from Ommegang. In about 10 minutes, I have nearly 2 ounces of the most concentrated, aromatic, super-charged flavored American Brown ice beer you could ever imagine. Close your eyes and try to imagine super-concentrated brown malt flavors, warming alcoholic sensations reminiscent of an aged liqueur, Amarillo hops so in balance with the whole concoction that it is startling, aromas of rich carmel. Oh My God!!!!

Now, I would not recommend this as a way to create ice beers, but hey….

The only downside is that you may have to do some fancy freezer cleaning before the old lady finds the mess you made. But….it might just be worth it.

What’s next???? I think I may take one of my bottles of Persimmon Mead and put it in the freezer.


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