Thirsty Thursday–Zon


I’ve drunk more “light” beer this summer than I have in many, many moons.

Of course, when I say light, I don’t mean macro-swill, I mean, light. Pale yellow, light body, refreshing. For some reason, it’s been a wit-filled summer. I contributed to this by brewing 10 gallons early on, but commercial examples keep cropping up in my refrigerator. After tonight, there’ll be one more wit, and that will be the end.

Today’s Thursday libation is Zon, from Boulevard Brewing, in Kansas City. With a characteristic hazy, light yellow appearance, I loved the lemony, perfume-like aroma. It followed with a lemon fading to a hint of light wheat flavor. The mouthfeel was all tangy, lemon yeast, which dried, very refreshing and enjoyable.

Another palatable example, though I’ve got my eyes and tastebuds fixed on a dark, mean and chewy upcoming fall and winter.


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