GABF Fantasy League “Draught” is on

The ThinkerThe Great American Beer Festival Fantasy League “Draught” is under way. The innovation of beerinator, from The Beer Mapping Project, this fantasy league is geared toward the armchair brewer in all of us.

The scouting reports are in. We’ve looked at stats. Veterans. Beers. And buzz. Time for picking. Each of the 30 participating “managers/coaches” is looking to score points by picking the breweries that perform best at this year’s GABF, which takes place October 11-13. A gold medal will pull down 3 points, silver takes 2 points and bronze, yep, 1 point. Pick the breweries that rake in the medals and you just might emerge triumphant. Pick poorly, and you lose.

This seems easy, but there are choices to be made. Hard ones. Last year’s big winners aren’t necessarily money in the bank. Do I stick to local love? Do I pimp myself to the macros, simply because they’re bound to take a few medals? Do I pick my personal favorites? Do I take a chance on someone I’ve heard about but never tasted? Since I have to wait in line to pick, my best plan might be foiled before my first opportunity. In fact, this was the case, but I  had other fermented  delight in my back pocket.

It’s a tough business. Gotta know your stuff. Gotta think on the fly. Gotta get lucky.

Drawing the number eight pick, I missed out on Firestone Walker, Miller, New Glarus, Anheiser-Busch, Hereford and Hops Brewpub, Great Lakes, and Port Brewing and The Lost Abbey.

After a long day of waiting, I snatched up Russian River. Feel free to send me some.

My next pick isn’t until #53 snakes back around. What will be left? Any more of my priorities? It’s moving so slowly that I wonder if I’ll ever get a second brewery. Wish me luck. There’s little but pride on the line. However,  with the big guns out of the way, I think the second and third rounds will somehow be a little more fun to consider.

To keep up with the proceedings, refresh the daylights out of this page.

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