Scotch-toberfest 2007

Eleven years ago, I got my best (and one of my last) birthday presents: my son Jake.

Jake tossing the caber @ Scotch-Toberfest 2007.

Since that time, its been all Batman, pirate and cowboy themes for my birthdays. But this year, Jake invented something new: Scotch-toberfest, a blend of our Scottish and German heritages, and a nod to the Oktoberfest days we are living in this time of year.

J. in good form for an amazing stone throw.

The plan was simple: we toss cabers and stones, and eat shepherd’s pie (mom wouldn’t go for haggis). The boys fired up their Bonzo Ginger Ale for the occasion.

My contribution: Scotch ale and Oktoberfest.

Duck-Rabbit Wee Heavy & Hacker-Pschorr Oktoberfest

Admittedly, the festivities leaned heavily on the Scotch side of the equation. The fact is we eat brats all too frequently. We compensated by having more German beer variety than the sole Scotch Ale: this year’s Duck-Rabbit Wee Heavy, a beer which I marginally helped brew before moving.

I apologize not for the bias of our activities, food and dress. The swinging freedom of a kilt is so much better than a pair of lederhosen. How is it that Scotland isn’t the world’s only superpower?


Many thanks to Alan (good uncle) for bringing me the Wee Heavy.


3 Responses to Scotch-toberfest 2007

  1. Alan says:

    I am mad about two things:

    1. I wasn’t there to drink some of the Scotch Ale I brought you
    2. I wasn’t there to kick ass in the stone throw

  2. Wilson says:

    1. You don’t have to drive far to get that stuff.
    2. Your back couldn’t take that stone throwing any better than mine (Kyle and Caleb were pretty destructive).

  3. Mom says:

    Nice legs, son!!!!!

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