Coming home to better beer

Homecoming means parades, football and reuniting with old friends. And as I recall from my youth, a little beer.


This year in Corning, the festivities were amped up, due to the coinciding sesquicentennial celebration. With that, out came the local homebrewers and one of the local winemakers to taste off some of their goodies for a mix of fun and education.

Perhaps we should have brewed up something special for the occasion, packed with 150 IBUs of Centennial hops. Instead, we sported five different beers (one for every 30 years of the town’s existence–no significance there–just a math fact), a Honker clone, American pale ale, porter, Berliner weisse, Belgian pale ale and something else I’ve forgotten. Doc Gruba was pouring three wines, a white and two reds; all three were American hybrids, Cayuga and St. Croix if I remember right.

I wanna be like this crazy, old guy when I grow up

It was a fun opportunity for beer education for many folks who haven’t heard of craft beer. And then there were people who’d ventured a little further afield, and were very aware of the word porter. Regardless, coming home is always better with a good beer (or wine) involved.


One Response to Coming home to better beer

  1. Bailey says:

    It scares me that the phrase “a Honker clone” means something to me. To most people, that would sound like it had been randomly generated.

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