Bonzo Soda Company

Bonzo Ginger Ale

Bonzo Soda Company is an amateur soda operation that is very close to my heart. It’s the brainchild of my boys, Jake and Tom. I help only just a little.

With Jake’s birthday approaching, it became important to get a batch going. They’ve produced root beer, sarsparilla and the best ginger ale I’ve ever tasted. Very entrepreneurial in spirit, these guys do lemonade stands in the summer, hot cocoa stands in the winter and soda whenever the fancy hits.

For this birthday, Jake’s invented a Scotch-toberfest theme, which should be a good deal more fun than the Batman days of yore. Thirsty, we dug out the ginger ale recipe and made the magic happen. A rootbeer drinker at heart, I’m very proud of the ginger ale, as they made their own top secret adjustments to make it stand out, and it does. Sugar sources, spice adjustments. This is not your everyday ginger ale.

Sorry, I’m not allowed to share the recipe.


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