Inspired by bacon

An important part of brewvana is living an inspired life. Inspired by beer. Inspired by family. Inspired by friends. And inspired by flavors.

Not long ago, I read an inspiring blog post. No, it didn’t motivate me to save the world. It motivated me to make my own bacon. Besides, can one save the world on an empty stomach? And why not fill that stomach with something extra special?

I brew beer. I roast coffee. I preserve lemons. I make cheese cakes and pies and… Why not bacon? It’s an extension of the over-the-top foodie in me.

A short trip to the locker and I’ve got this lovely slab of pig, just waiting to taste good. Lovingly massaged with a mixture of kosher salt and brown sugar, it cured in my fridge over the course of a week, needing only to be flipped and patted every couple of days. On day seven, I rinsed it with care, then placed it gently on a cooling rack to air dry for about 24 hours.

Bacon Love

Enter my good buddy Kyle, the smoker-owning terrific guy that he is. I flattered him a little, and he quickly agreed to firing up his smoker. I was craving a rauchbier the whole time, but happily settled for a Goose Island Oatmeal Stout. We used hickory and applewood, and the aroma was ridiculous. I felt like a kid, anxiously awaiting Christmas morning.

Once the smoke had cleared, it was fairly obvious that we had met with success. I inhaled. I licked my fingers. At my wife’s request, I did not drink the grease.

The Breakfast of Kings, it was. The kids headed up the pancake making. The adults headed up the bacon making. And of course we had to toss some eggs in that lovely grease. And some jalepenos. Let me tell you, if you’ve never fried a jalepeno in home-cured bacon grease you’re missing something special.

Better living through bacon

I’m embarrassed at how easy this was. And the results…beyond worth it. Ten pounds of the best bacon I’ve ever had. You must try it. You simply must.


5 Responses to Inspired by bacon

  1. Bailey says:

    That sounds great. I’d love to give that a go. And maybe I will.

    What next, though — making your own cheese?

  2. Wilson says:

    Actually, you’re right. I’ve been hunting around for someone to sell me some fresh milk, and have a couple of leads. I’ve got a cheese press to build first, however. If I make cheese happen, I’ll be sure and post.

  3. […] so people who followed links to our article on how to do so. New Zealanders, Finns, and yes, even Iowans have sent us photos of their attempts, and they all look amazing. Trust them, trust us, and read […]

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  5. […] completed just in time to connect with Kyle and our bacon making schedule. We’ve done this once before. The sequel was waaaay overdue. This time we made use of the local pig I bought at the Adams County […]

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