Front Street Brewery–Davenport

Front Street Brewery–DavenportLocated just a stone’s throw from the Mississippi River, Front Street Brewery proved a worthy dinner spot on a late Saturday afternoon. Not yet digging in with a hectic rush, it worked well for my family.

As I often try to do on a first visit, I ordered the sampler, which topped out at 6 beers. Today, it was 5 beers and a double shot of my preference, as they were out of my beloved stout. My wife wept openly at this news. Our waitress noted that a brown ale was their current special release, and that folks were enjoying it blended with their cherry ale. So that became my beer number six.

For a dark beer lover like myself, it was disappointing to know that the brown was as dark as it would be today. No matter, the hefeweizen and pale ale stood out. I ordered a pint of the pale ale (Raging River Ale) to accompany my Reuben and cup of French onion soup. Word around the table was generally positive on the victuals.

The atmosphere was dark-wood-casual-in-the-old-part-of-town. I like comfortable places like this. Our waitress was friendly and attentive, though I got the impression that the staff isn’t terribly well-schooled on all things beer. Like the beer, the food didn’t kick you in the face with delicious amazement, but it was good and satisfying and worth the trip. I’d happily stop in again, though a little more variety and daring with regard to the beer offerings would be a reasonable improvement.


Front Street Brewery

208 East River Drive

Davenport, IA  52801

(563) 322-1569

Wanna go? Here’s a map.


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