Scottish Terrier at the highland games

Blue Cat Scottish Terrier

After heat and pain and agony came thunderstorms and pain agony. And then came a beautiful sunny day topping out in the 70s. That was the day of Davenport, Iowa’s Celtic Highland Games, where the women are strong, the children above average, and all the men where kilts.

Pipers at the Celtic Highland GamesIt was a pleasant day of caber tossing, piping, dancing and Celtic-style revelry. In my mind, I’m also thinking, Please tell me there’s a good beer here. Blue Cat Brew Pub obliged with their Scottish Terrier, a 7.3% abv Scotch ale.

This beer was not only appropriate for the occasion, but it was a delicious example of the style. In both aroma and flavor, the caramel-nuanced, malty Terrier showcased its peaty, smokey character to the hilt. Coupled with a brilliant full body, this is one of the beer styles that just makes me smile. This beer made me smile.

Bag pipes and Scotch ale: a perfect pairing if ever there was one, all part of a very brewvana day for me.


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