Court Avenue

Court Avenue TaplistWhile in the neighborhood, we stopped by Court Avenue Restaurant and Brewing Company for a beer recently. We were short on time, so not only did we not eat, but we only had one beer. With a stout on cask, that seemed the sensible choice.

It was good, not great. It roasty and and enjoyable, but wasn’t smooooooth, like I sought. Sometimes a fabulous beer possesses all the required elements, and then those intangibles that set it apart. This stout lacked those intangibles. I think it may have been tapped a couple of days prior to our visit, having lost some of its lustre.

Our bartender was affable and did a good job in fielding my bar-neighbor’s questions, helping him to choose a sensible beer for his tastes. The atmosphere was spiffy nice, with plenty of dark wood and people dressed better than me. Thank goodness I passed on wearing my Tool shirt that day. With the name of the street and the name of the brewery and the uber-cool gavel tap handles, there must be a court house nearby. This would be a good place for a lawyer to hang out after a long day of defending or prosecuting.

Court Avenue in the bar area

Still, I’d show up, my poorly dressed self. I really look forward to doing this place a little justice, so to speak. I need to judge their full line-up, and put away another cask. As we were in a hurry, I have yet to put their food on trial. I’ve heard good words about Court Avenue, so will definitely return.


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