Thirsty Thursday–O Happy Dagger

O Happy Dagger 

Having been spoiled for the past few years on The Duck-Rabbit Milk Stout, I’ve found it a difficult adjustment to not have that stuff well-stocked in the fridge. Enter the glorious hobby of homebrewing, where you can drink whatever you darn-well want.

Tonight’s Thursday treat is a fresh keg of my first milk stout, O Happy Dagger. The dagger is happy, and so am I. Roasty, a little coffee-like and a touch of sweetness, this character came out nice, but not perfect. I was suspicious since the day I came home from the homebrew shop that it wouldn’t be right. I was surprised that they OG was where I wanted it, but I wasn’t surprised that the color was a little light.

This stout was deep, deep red, but not black, and I blame the miller, not my calculations and not my recipe. This stout was creamy and full-bodied with that signature lactose sweetness–all factors over which I maintained complete control. But the roasty and chocolatey notes were a little subdued for my intent. One of these days I’ve got to break down and buy my own mill.

Don’t get me wrong; this was a good beer. Next time it should be great.


One Response to Thirsty Thursday–O Happy Dagger

  1. Glenn says:

    You know as much as I like stouts I’ve never made a milk stout (with DR so easy to come by), but now you’ve motivated me. Toss me your recipe if you get a minute! I really need to get you some of my brown stout too. I made another batch of it this weekend but with a helping of oatmeal added.. yes an oatmeal brown stout.. Glenn

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