Sentimental beers–MBL

Milwaukee’s Best LightEvery so often I make sure to have my kids watch a movie that I enjoyed when growing up, occasionally hitting on something that my dad and I watched together. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, for example. We watched another one of those recently–Rocky III–a sentimental hogwash guilty pleasure offering. I pity the fool that don’t like this movie.

The timing was right then for me to imbibe the congratulatory beer that my wife bought me. Undoubtedly, Milwaukee’s Best Light is a sentimental beer more than it is a quality beer. What was the occasion? Back in March, a group of us from Raleigh and thereabouts took the BJCP exam together. Finally, five months later, I received my results. Certified! Yipee! The “beast” was a, “you’ve come a long way,” gift, which I very much appreciated.

Boy, was that beer good! No, seriously. It was better than I expected. To be a geek, I poured a sample to smell and admire and to taste. And it really wasn’t bad, for what it is. The noticeable flavor disgust came when I drank from the can, for old times’ sake. That version tasted sorry. Eventually, we mixed it with milk stout, and then switched to milk stout altogether. It was a fun walk down memory lane.

With this movie and this beer in my system, I was tempted to break out a little Swing Out Sister to round out my guilty pleasure day.


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