Thirsty Thursday–3 more Millstreams

Millstream TrioAlways kind and thoughtful, my beer protege/brother-in-law Kyle contributed tonight’s Thursday evening nectar: Millstream Brewing Company’s Windmill Wheat, John’s Generations White Ale and Schild Brau Amber.

We started with the John’s Generations, so-named as it is brewed for John’s Grocery in Iowa City–a store passed through 3 generations of the Alberhasky family. This is a wonderful wit, with a lovely orange/coriander/wheat bouquet in the ideal proportions. It followed with a flavor and mouthfeel to match, a pleasant find, indeed, for a hot day like today.

To me, the Windmill Wheat was a letdown, but perhaps because I found the Generations so good. In any case, it seemed a little lacking in dimension. I guess it was a yeast profile I’d like to have seen move forward.

Next came the Schild Brau Amber, Millstream’s flagship and 4-time GABF medalist. I could taste that quality. Brewed in the Vienna lager style, this, too, was a pleasant beer. It showcased a caramel nuance to the malt profile and a well-done hallertauer hop presence. Very drinkable. I cracked open a second bottle.

It is a low-down disgusting shame that Millstream is the only brewery that bottles in the state of Iowa. Good for them. And good for us.

But, my goodness, someone else needs to fire up a bottling line, as well. We deserve it.


One Response to Thirsty Thursday–3 more Millstreams

  1. Jim says:

    The Schild Brau is excellent, so much so that the bartender in the local restaurant that I often frequent pretty much knows to get one ready for me. The Windmill Wheat is an american wheat brewed with a lager yeast, and as such is pretty boring. Their seasonal Oktoberfest is excellent, the summer seasonal ‘Pail Ale’ is good, and the spring ‘Maibock’ is also top notch.

    But yeah, we need more breweries here.

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