Down the drain?!?!

Some come (came) to craft beer rather late in life. I flirted late in college. Then, when I joined that class of real-job folk following the graduation I didn’t bother attending, I jumped in feet first. It was meant to be. I’d fancied beer from a very early age.

So early that I might have screwed up my path to good beer. As early as high school, a few of us contemplated buying the goods to brew a kit found in the back of a magazine. Thank Arnold we did not. It would have been more work than we bargained for. We probably would have had sanitation issues. It would have taken more time than we figured. And we’d have consumed those 5 gallons all at once. So much for our ploy to obtain beer more easily. If we’d tried brewing back then, I wouldn’t be doing it today.

But college. That would have been a good time to experiment with roommates. But college-related poverty…

A class! If they’d only channeled our beer-loving energy into zymurgy, I’d have actually taken away something from chemistry. From math. I’d have opened a textbook, for goodness sakes!

That’s what Oregan State University is up to these days. But oh, the pain. Since it’s strictly for “research purposes,” they have to pour the lovely elixir down the drain! Talk about demoralizing.


One Response to Down the drain?!?!

  1. Jonathan says:

    Although I’m a mere 24, I still wish I’d got into the whole beer brewing thing earlier in life. I would have LOVED to take some actual classes. For now, I’m stuck reading as much as I can while I work a full-time non-beer-related job.

    Down the drain, though? That’s a REAL shame. Seems like you’d have to taste it, even for “research purposes,” no?

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