Culture in a small town

Monte serving the dude with cool hat.

When I moved here, I figured I’d have to travel down the road a piece to get to a beer tasting or festival. Not so.

In conjunction with Main Street Corning’s Arts and Cars event, the Center for the Fine Arts hosted a beer and wine tasting featuring the artistic talents of local homebrewers and winemakers. Events like this are why it’s clear that Corning’s efforts to rejuvenate the town’s downtown have paid off. It may be the smallest county seat in the least populated county in Iowa, but there’s some coolness afoot.

Samples of three beers on tap (wheat, pale ale and porter) and four wines (all from locally grown grapes) kept the crowd happy. I brought along the last bottle of my own Irish Comfort (Southern Comfort-[s]oaked-dry stout) for Monte, Bob and Goldie to try. And Goldie whipped out a bottle of his double IPA. Good stuff. Good stuff.

A potter and a glass bead maker demonstrated their skills, with artwork all around. And then there were all the cars lining the streets. Classic cars, stock cars and “decorated” cars. Fun for the whole family. But most surprisingly, fun for the beer nerd.


One Response to Culture in a small town

  1. mike goldsmith says:

    Nice to meet you Jay! I can see good brewing days ahead!

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