Thirsty Thursday–a pair of Millstreams

Millstream Brewing Company

All about the local nectar, I’ve made it a point on recent trips to Des Moines to track down better beer stores, as well as better beer–the local kind.

With Millstream Brewing Company, located in Amana, the only bottling microbrewery in the state, these beers have been paramount on my list to seek out. My first was their Colony Oatmeal Stout. I found it roasty and yummy, but not mind-blowing. A little carbonic? The dates on the side of the label hadn’t been nicked, so I was left to contemplate my beer’s age. A few days later, I was looking over their website and noticed that the stout is only produced in the winter months. My bad. I see stout and I buy it. I look forward to trying it again a few months down the road. I’m sure it will be great.

A little more “on time,” I picked up Millstream’s current seasonal, Warsh Pail Ale, just yesterday. This fiesty character was delightful on a hot summer’s day. Hoppy, malty and a touch of warmth. This hop-wrapped package made me smile, and cut my thirst like I needed.


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