Small world, big beer

It is a small world, indeed. I had zero expectations to stumble across a homebrewer in my new stomping grounds in rural Iowa. But thank goodness for the leaky pipe down in my basement. That brought Monte, the plumber guy, over.

Monte saw the kegs in my kitchen, and knew exactly what that was about. Turns out he and two other guys brew not far away. A happy camper I am. Yesterday, I met Bob, checked out their setup while they brewed a pale ale and sampled a few tasty libations, brewed small town style.

One beer, in particular, was straight small town Iowa style: Sweet Corn Ale. When they were telling me about it, I figured it would be a lesson in DMS, but the cornishness of this beer was very laid back, and it was quite refreshing on a hot July day. They scraped two pounds of fresh sweet corn off the cob and boiled it for 15 minutes before adding it to 10 pounds of pale malt for the mash. One of those little experiments you never do again, but good.

And good news for the small town beer geek!


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