Thirsty Thursday–Redbridge

I have to admit, over the couse of the last week or two, I’ve drunk a few A-B products. Well, one: Redbridge, brewed with sorghum. Kyle, my new protege, dropped by with it. So I didn’t give A-B any money over this deal. But it was intriguing enough to go ahead and try.

With certainty, I had negative preconceptions, but I tried very hard to put on my judging hat, and be objective. I’d say I was successful, as I came out not hating the stuff. I figured it would be ultra-thin with little, if any taste. Redbridge was thin, but not ultra. It had some a sweetness that acted malty and provided the basic flavor. One dimensional, but flavor nonetheless. If they threw some hops in the kettle, they could get this downright enjoyable. It harkened Irish reddish, I thought, in a sorghum-like way.

And in an A-B-like way, I drink ’em cold, straight out of the bottle. Pretty much ideal after digging holes in the hot sun to plant my raspberries.


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