Thirsty Thursday–Robert the Bruce

Robert the Bruce

Brothers-in-law can be good. I’ve spent the last week enjoying the company of Matt, my wife’s brother. The cousins have dug holes, built forts and splish-splashed in the water. The old folks have grilled out and sampled beer. Along with his children and spare time, Matt brought Robert the Bruce, from Three Floyds.

As fate would have it, I’ve never happened upon a brew from this storied Michigan brewery. Word on the street is that they hop it up with the best of ’em, but I’m not the least bit disappointed that a malt-leaning Scottish ale is my first opportunity to explore this brewery. I am very much a malt melon, and The Bruce did not disappoint.

Malty sweet in the nose, with some roastiness accompanying in the flavor, this is my kind of summer beer. Stylistically, I’m not so sure the roast should be so apparent, but the beer was mighty drinkable on a breezy summer evening.

Now, where are the rest of those Floyds hiding? I will have to seek them out.


2 Responses to Thirsty Thursday–Robert the Bruce

  1. Matt says:

    Hope you are well. Tell Michelle that I had dinner with Jerry Fest tonight and, low and behold, as we were ordering dinner, he shared with me that he homebrews. We talked about you and Michelle and he asked me to send him the link to your blog.


  2. Wilson says:

    Spread the love, Brother Matt.

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