Milk Stout Ice Cream

With the approach of Independence Day, I find myself making plans for a little grilling-out shindig. One of those people with a serious sweet tooth, ideas about doctoring up a mean burger quickly shift to what I’ll do for dessert. The beer geek in me comes forward with milk stout ice cream, something that I sorted out a year or so ago, with raging success. I urge you to give it a try.


Milk Stout Ice Cream



2 cups heavy cream

4 cups whole milk

1 ½ cups sugar + 2 T sugar for candied pecans

1 T vanilla

12 egg yolks, gently whisked

 ½ cup honey

2 bottles milk stout, reduced to 1 cup

2 cups pecans, roughly chopped



  1. Pour milk stout into small pot and simmer until reduced to 1 cup. Set aside.
  2. Gently whisk egg yolks, honey and vanilla in medium bowl.
  3. Combine cream, milk, and 1 ½ cups sugar in pot, then bring slowly to a boil, stirring constantly.
  4. Temper egg mixture into milk mixture, then whisk over low heat constantly for one minute.
  5. Strain into ice cream machine container. Stir in milk stout reduction, then cover surface with plastic wrap. Refrigerate until cold. Preparing this mixture the morning of your ice cream-eating evening is a good idea. The day before works, too.
  6. Heat pan to medium-low and add pecans and 2 T sugar. Stir constantly until sugar melts and coats pecans nicely. Spread on waxed paper and allow to cool.
  7. When ready for the ice cream shindig, stir candied pecans into ice cream container and freeze.

4 Responses to Milk Stout Ice Cream

  1. […] Always independent, I’m not always such a good sheep. I’ve had such a hankering for Milk Stout Ice Cream that it will be Duck-Rabbit Milk Stout for me—at least for dessert, as my fridge is nearly dry on […]

  2. Jonathan says:

    Wow. That ice cream sounds AMAZING. Have you tried it with anything other than Duck-Rabbit?

  3. Wilson says:

    It is amazing, and the other good thing about this recipe is that if you have some left over, it doesn’t freeze as hard as concrete like every other homemade ice cream recipe I’ve encountered.

    No, I’ve never done it with a different beer. I nearly tried Young’s Double Chocolate this time, to savor my last few D-Rs, but true to my post, that’s the ice cream I made yesterday. Really, do try this. It’s quite good. I’ve also done Quadruple Chocolate and Thai Coffee ice creams with the same non-concrete-leftover results.

    One of these days I’m going to try a doppelbock or wee heavy.


  4. […] four years ago, I posted my recipe for milk stout ice cream, and with a solid base recipe, I find myself each summer tweaking in new ice creamy […]

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