Thirsty Thursday–Black 47 is roasting again

Black 47 Roasting

After many months of not roasting my own beans, Black 47 (subsidiary of Mongrel [home] Brewing Company) is back at it.

Some time ago, I burned out the motor on my Zach & Dani Coffee Roaster for the second mind-numbing time. Then, day after day, I just didn’t get around to sending it off to have it fixed. Finally I decided to just start fresh. This time, I went with the i-Roast 2, about which I’d heard good beta.

Knowing my move was pending, I had it shipped to my new address to avoid packing one more thing. Now that I’m nearing settled, I fired this bad boy up, to great results. My first batch was primarily Sumatra, with a splash of Elkhill, from India.

The result was shiny black, with an earthy, deeply roasted character. Hints of dark chocolate. Very nice on my front porch with the sun coming up.

Now if I could get this water under control. Straight from the faucet or filtered, it tastes like it’s been strained through a field of corn. Which is exactly the case out here in rural Iowa. I don’t mean to be a big city snob, but I loves me some coffee (and beer), and there’s no way in God’s rolling green hills that I can brew with this water. Not coffee. Not beer. As a matter of fact, it’s not exactly thirst quenching in the heat of the day after digging and wielding a machete. So gallons and gallons of bottled water have made their way to my shopping list.

It’s worth mentioning that in my days of forced commercial coffee buying, I found a couple of coffees that are worth checking out. Folger’s. Just kidding. Whole Foods’ 365 brand has a tasty and economical French roast that I’ve now drunk quite often. Organic Coffee Company puts out right fine beans.

Thankfully, though, I’m back to roasting myself. Brewvana, to me, means more than one beverage.


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