Wonderful beer wife

Going-away Shindig

My wife does not mind it when I plan vacations around brewery tours. She does not mind if I take a jar of stout wort to a party where we know the beer will need some doctoring to be worthy. And she really doesn’t give me a hard time about the fermentation blow-off that charms our ceiling.

What’s more, when she goes out of town, she brings me beer I can’t get locally. Last year her Portland conference secured me Hair of the Dog Adam. Recently, a conference in Minneapolis gave me the opportunity to try Surly’s Bender. That is a bloody thoughtful girl.

Yes, our kitchen floor is sticky. But yes, I do the laundry. She takes the good with the bad and supports my passion. A year ago, she gave me the go-ahead to quit my yucky job to pursue a beer job. How nice. As I type, she’s driving across the country toward my new brewery our new home. I’ll follow in a couple of weeks with the equipment all our belongings.

In the meantime, I’ll listen to music really loud, work, pack and eat Ramen noodles. I’ll plan the appropriate moving-in beer. And I’ll look forward to seeing my wonderful beer wife, for me, a very important part of brewvana.


4 Responses to Wonderful beer wife

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