I’m a loser of a beerknurd

The Flying Saucer

I will never earn my place in The Flying Saucer’s Ring of Honor. It is a pity. I always fancied that goal. Moving far, far away from Raleigh is but the final nail in the coffin I have known about for several years.

In short, the Ring of Honor is reserved for those elite Flying Saucer Beerknurds who have tried 200 beers. With over 80 beers on tap and a mountain of bottles, this should get the beer drinker a good amount of variety. Why, then, is it so tough to find something I’ve not tried? It takes ages for me to order a beer. Should I abstain from beer festivals and bottle shops? Too late. Now it’s a matter of prioritizing, hitting up the new beers in our market and anticipating new, local seasonal offerings. It’s a great program that promotes experimentation and education.

Though I enjoy the Saucer and patronize it when I can, there are three solid reasons that have kept me from the noteworthy accomplishment of imbibing 200 beers here.

One: I’m a homebrewer. With two beers on tap at my house, why the heck would I go out for a beer?

Two: I’m poor. At four or five bucks a pop, 200 beers wold cost me $800-$1000 plus tips. And the occasional pizza or cheese plate. The only chance I ever had was to chip away at this stone over the course of many years. I just haven’t been working the lucrative kind of job to prompt me to blow that kinda cash.

Three: I’m a family guy. Truly, this is the biggest reason. I really only go out for a beer now and again. When I do, I’m usually accompanied by my family. Beer is good and fun and important, but my boys are more so. They go to the Saucer for a soda and a pizza, and we have a nice little time. But we also have a nice little time at home, on the trail, at a campsite…

With the quest for my very own gold plate immortalizing my beer drinking greatness coming to a screeching halt in just under a fortnight, is there any consolation prize? Thankfully, my timing gets me to that first lame milestone: 50 measily beers. Woo hoo! I’ve got a free pint coming!


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