Thirsty Thursday–Pils Bitter

Over the years, I’ve heard a number of people accuse homebrewers of being cheap. While there’s probably some truth to that, economical might be a better descriptor. I certainly observe the cushion brewing builds into my good beer budget. World-class beers (now and again) for a fraction of the cost.

GlennH2osThey may be economically minded, but it has been my experience that they are very much generous, eager to share with others who might appreciate both the beer and the skill involved. This week’s Thirsty Thursday beer comes from a fellow homebrewer, beerinator GlennH2os.

Aside from being a genuine and affable character, the thing I really enjoy about this guy is his enthusiasm for local beer. Many people drive around with a “Support your local brewery” bumper sticker while waxing poetic about the latest Belgian beer to hit the market. Glenn very much enjoys beers from all over the globe, but on more than one occasion, I’ve seen him draw conversation back to  the good beer we can get brewed just down the road, whether a high gravity stunt beer or your everyday amber. This cat walks the walk, and I appreciate that.

I tried a number of his beers recently, but his Pils Bitter seemed a good representation of Glenn. He doesn’t worry about brewing to style. He plays around with historical fun and games. And he’s awfully experimental, often mixing and matching to brew what he feels like brewing. This beer does just that, and is exactly what he says it is, a Pils Bitter.

It looks like an English bitter. It’s got the hop character of an English bitter. But it also has that grainy aroma and flavor of the pils malt he added to the grain bill, nodding nicely in the direction of a pilsner. Like nothing I’ve ever had, it seemed the best of both of these beers, and I wish I had a couple more, to cool me off after the next time I cut the grass.


3 Responses to Thirsty Thursday–Pils Bitter

  1. glennh2os says:

    Izzy.. you are something else! Many thanks for the kind words! I’m really enjoying the site, keep up the good work!

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