Thirsty Thursday–Remedy

RemedyTo me, a Belgian Dark Strong is your basic cure-all. This winter I took this style on, with a twist, and came up with a beer that I could only call Remedy.

My version was doused with a solid hit of both turbinado and Piloncillo sugars, and a healthy grain bill with plans for deep dark fruit character. To top it off, I threw a pound of dates in the secondary fermenter

OG: 1.100

I really love this beer. The dates are wonderful. The aroma, the flavor, the mouthfeel. A little alcohol warmth wrapping the package nicely. It suits my tastes perfectly. I am cured.

However, I’ll point out that it’s not perfect. It finished at 1.029 and is just a touch sweet. Next time I’ll pitch more yeast. But until then, you won’t hear me complaining. With a sweet tooth like mine, these are symptoms I embrace.


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